our Aims

Our Chief motive behind opening this school is to impart not only the education but to inculcate courteous manners, culture and discipline etc. i.e. all round development of child right from the base line, to improve upon the total personality of pupil, who has to run the country on the road of progress being a good citizen.

  1. To Inculcate Scientific temper, self confidence and a apirit of adventure amongst the children.
  2. To Create an environment for realization of the physical and intellectual potential of the students, and achieve command over English as well as Hindi language.
  3. To inculcate Honesty, truthfulness sincerity of purpose, dedication, zeal and enthusiasm towards achievement of a meaningful mission in their future walks of life.
  4. To develop Respect and care for nature (flora and fauna) and treat all living beings with kindness.
  5. To include secular spirituality by educating children about all religions and faiths.
  6. To create feeling that school is the extension of their family and teacher is a guide for students.

To encourage children to understand value of hard work. Determination and sense of responsibility in modern competitive 21st century.

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